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Grace Episcopal Church, Lake City

10121 Hall Ave, Lake City, PA. 16423 - 814-774-8288

Service time: 9:00 a.m.

We are a small mission that was established in 1877 in Miles Grove, which in later years became Lake City.  We are an aging congregation our average Sunday attendance is about 11 people. We have no Sunday school or youth group at this time, though in past years we did have a thriving group of young people. We are a family style church with a dedicated group that will get behind any project that is needed.                                                                                                                                                          Our service is an average Episcopal service with a Eucharist every Sunday. Our web site is https://gracechurchlakecity.wordpress.com/ and we are on Facebook. More detailed information about us can be found on these sites.                                                                                                                                          

Food pantries:

Grace is very involved in the Christian Cupboard  Food Pantry which serves the Girard and Lake City  area. Each church in the ministerium sends a representative to be on the board that governs the pantry.

Each month the churches in the area collect certain items to help stock the shelves of the pantry.

Several of our members have volunteered their time in serving , stocking shelves and other jobs to help in the running of the pantry. On several occasions the pantry has used the parish hall when doing special handouts.

Grace has an ECW in which all women of the church belong to. They meet once a month, for social interactions, they hold 2 rummage sales a year to help them pay for their ministries in the congregation and outside in the community. Annually they do outreach project during the Thanksgiving season, outreaching to a family for Christmas with a resources for a meal and sometimes gifts.

One outreach that is totally supported by the ECW is their monthly bingo outreach to the local nursing home.  Several volunteers form the church set a bingo game for the residents helping the residents with their cards usually the residents  win a small amount of change to purchase items from the vending machines.  For more info contact Mary Ann Mays

Prayer shawl ministry: This ministry has only a couple of people in the group. Several shawls have been made and prayed over and sent out to members of the community. Contact person Wendy Burke

Every Halloween we outreach to the community by offering safe treats to the  children of the area, coffee, hot chocolate and cider are also offered and a place to rest or get your bearings before going on to their way. The Sunday before we make up bags of wrapped candy with glow sticks and we also label the bags as to where they got the candy.  We also offer safe treats to those allergic to any type of candy; these are wrapped and kept separately from the bags of candy. We do open the church up to those who want to take the time to see the church offer brochures; contact person Wendy Burke.  Or you can contact us on Facebook.